A portrait of a husband and a wife, who is using a wheelchair, in Mend

Meet Katherine & Jay

After Katherine survived a near-fatal brainstem stroke in 2008, we were left with a bittersweet new normal—living a miraculous second chance but also dealing with long-term, life-changing disabilities.The story of disability is one we never imagined living, but after over fifteen years of embracing our reality and advocating for this community, it's a story we would not change.

Our story of disability is hard but good. We've been able to flourish within these constraints because of the spiritual resources and communal support we were given. Sadly, our story is the exception, not the norm. Most individuals and families affected by disability are struggling to live in a world not made for them...isolated, lonely, despairing.

Since 2013, Katherine and Jay have been creating sacred spaces where people with disabilities can experience sustaining hope in the context of inter-ability friendships. Today those sacred spaces include online communities, summer camp experiences, respite gatherings, and Mend Coffee & Goods.